Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mommy Needs Me-Time!

As a work-at-home mom, me-time is hard to come by. It's as rare and elusive as the unicorn or the blue moon. I require it, though, to stay happy and sane and to retain my sense of identity as a person outside of being a mother. Therefore, I fight hard to get it.

What keeps me going, through every sleep-deprived night, washing all the cloth diapers AND cloth wipes, rescuing milk sippy cups that have been under the couch for two weeks in the summer, cooking and cleaning while under attack by my two toddlers (or while trying to prevent them from attacking each other) and all the endless buckling and unbuckling of car seats for errands, is the knowledge that on Saturday night, from 11:00 PM-2:00 AM, I will be able to do one of my favorite things and be left alone to do it.

I choose that late hour because by then, both kids are solidly asleep, and I should only be interrupted once, if at all. I make a pot of coffee after Saturday evening's dinner, to ensure that I will be able to stay awake that late. I instruct my husband to come get me after 1/2 an hour if I don't come back out to the living room after getting the kids to sleep, because if I sleep through my precious, hard-won me-time, I am going to be pissed.

When it's finally time, I get out one of my two spinning wheels.

Over those few hours every week, I spin wonderfully-soft fiber like this wool that I dyed:

And slowly but surely, over a couple Saturday nights, I make yarn:

This is extremely relaxing and loads of fun for me, as well as being a much-needed creative outlet. I knit every day... that I can pull off here and there during weekdays and I can do it in front of my kids, if they're occupied. But for spinning, they both have to be asleep, or they'll attack the wheel with all their might. It's a wheel that spins, it's way too interesting! So on Saturday nights I caffeineate and spin yarn while my husband and I watch TV together. It makes me happy.

Today, we'd like to do a link-up and hear about how you get your me-time and what you do with it! What I do is admittedly pretty esoteric, so I am very interested in knowing what other moms do with their precious, hard-won me-time!

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