Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smart move

I resisted getting a smartphone for the longest time, partly because of the cost, both of the phone itself and the extra monthly fee for data usage. More than the cost, I was concerned that having a smartphone, with instant access to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, games and more, would make me inattentive. I never want to be one of those d-bag parents who are too glued to their Blackberry to ever give their children their full attention. So I waited until just last week, when I started to realize that communicating with my co-bloggers and responding to comments, etc, would be so much easier with a smartphone AND my carrier offered me an awesome one for free.

It arrived, and I took the usual awkward first few days to figure it out, learn where everything was and how to do everything that I want to do. Aside from the soft keyboard, which I'm still getting used to, the transition has been pretty effortless. In this short amount of time, I've also found that it makes my life a whole lot easier, and I wish I had gotten one sooner!

As a work-at-home mom, I go many a day without seeing any other adults, aside from the cashier at the grocery store, who I talk to only long enough to get yet another gallon of milk. My husband works 12 hour days or longer in the summer, which is his industry's busy season. Without social media, this would get really, really lonely and I might start to lose it and speak to everyone in toddler-speak or become unable to talk about any topic other than poop. With my spankin' new smartphone, I no longer have to wait till I have a chance to go to the computer room to read my e-mail, check Facebook or tweet. I can do it in the kitchen while I wait for my coffee to brew or for water to boil. I can read my e-mail before I get out of bed. I can see that someone commented on one of my Facebook posts while I'm on the couch watching "Peppa Pig" with my daughters. I can tweet a new witticism from the patio while I watch my daughters run around the backyard.

Not only has it not made me at all inattentive, it has made me more present in that I no longer have to escape to the computer room at a convenient moment to sneak in a minute of computer time. It also has not consumed me, like I'd feared, but rather simply streamlined my social networking and e-mail by putting all my connections to the outside world in one place, in one tiny, portable package, in the palm of my hand.

I absolutely LOVE this thing and I'm happy to have joined the rest of civilization in being able to tweet and play Angry Birds from the commode. Not that I'd, like, actually do such a thing...
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