Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a Play-Doh Play-Date!

We love Play-Doh at our house. I love the creativity that it sparks in my kids. It's something I can let them play with for hours without having to worry about "screen time" limits or any other contemporary, digital concerns. I had a great time playing with it when I was a little kid (and OK, I'll admit it, I still like to play with it!). When I open up a container for my kids, smelling that familiar Play-Doh scent takes me right back to all the things I made with it when I was little.

I just bought some yesterday, since the summer weather seems to have left and now fall is coming, bringing with it 9 months of rain here in the Seattle area. All that rain means a lot of time spent indoors during fall, winter and spring, and Play-Doh is one of my go-to indoor activities to keep my 4-year-old and 21-month-old happily, creatively occupied!

My 4-year-old can thoroughly blend every color in a 4-pack of Play-Doh into one uniform new color within about 5 minutes. She has so much fun squishing it and mixing it and building wonderful things that she imagines, like bouncey houses, horses and dinosaurs! My 21-month-old has fun mashing it, naming the colors and trying (to my dismay...) to eat it. I know when she has a multicolored smile that she's been snacking on the Play-Doh again!

We are going to go through a whole lot of Play-Doh in the coming dreary months, so I'm glad Play-Doh has set up their new Play-Doh Play Dates activity website. There, you can find great themed activities to do with your kids and Play-Doh, like "Spring Picnic" and "Beach Party" (both of which will come in very handy in oh, about November, when we won't have seen the sun for several weeks). "Ice Cream Shop" will be a huge hit with my kids, as well, and the "Back To School" theme will be great to help get my 4-year-old ready for kindergarten next year and will spark a lot of conversations about school and what she can expect there.

All the play-date themes come with snack recommendations that fit the theme. The Pizza Party theme, for instance, suggests English muffin pizzas, which is one of my kids' favorite snacks. All of the snack ideas are healthy and very kid-friendly, so hopefully they'll keep my 21-month-old so busy eating actual food that she'll forget to try to eat the Play-Doh!

Today while my 21-month-old napped, my 4-year-old and I got out a Play-Doh Case of Colors and put our first Play-Doh Play-Date idea to work. We chose the "Pizza Party" theme first. Here is her awesome pizza! It's not delivery, it's de Play-Doh.

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