Thursday, October 20, 2011


I just searched Google images for a "cartoon snot" graphic to go with this post, and now I really wish I hadn't...

Truth is, I have seen enough snot this week. My 22-month-old's nose started running on Sunday and I thought, "Here we go!" Now she's almost better, but my 4-year-old is still miserable with a super-runny nose, my husband has caught it, and I now have a sore throat. Yes, like a government lab-created disease in a zombie movie, it has taken down every member of the family, one by one.

Why do kids think that their mom's shirt is a kleenex? My kids have wiped their nose on my shirt, my pants, my bed sheets, even my hands. Mom is for wiping your nose on, apparently.

I remember doing this very thing to my mom. I can vividly see my preschool-aged self walking up behind her as she stood at the sink washing the dishes and unloading my nose onto the back of her shirt. Poor mom.

To console my miserable, cold-afflicted children this week, I've baked cookies and made an entire box of hot cocoa. Taking care of my kids when they're sick takes me right back to being sick when I was a kid, lying on the couch, watching TV, being taken care of. As much as being sick sucked, those memories of being doted on and cared for as a little kid are some of my best childhood memories. I hope the extra nurturing that I give my kids when they're sick will give them the same good memories that I have. I know whenever I'm sick, I still want my mommy!
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