Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Show & Tell: A Toy I Love

It seems like the more I spend on a toy, the more likely it is that my kids will just play with the box that it came in and cast the toy itself aside. Some genius found the perfect solution to this problem... just give them the box!

Well, it's obviously not quite that simple. This cardboard playhouse made by Easy Playhouse is more than just a box. It's a cute, preschooler-sized playhouse and a blank canvas for creativity!

My mother-in-law sent this as a birthday gift for my 23-month-old, who turns 2 in a couple weeks. We went ahead and opened it when it arrived, because it was too big to really hide the box and the kids saw it arrive anyway and went bananas.

I set it up in about 5 minutes, barely glancing at the instructions. It's extremely easy to assemble. I got lots of hugs and kisses while I put it together, because my kids were so excited! Once it was all set up, I gave them a box of crayons and told them to go nuts.

We've had it a week now, and they are still having a great time playing in it and drawing on it. They call it their "tree house," even though it lives in my 4-year-old's bedroom.

I love this kind of toy because it allows for endless imagination and creativity. There are no batteries to die, no annoying sounds and lights. My kids never use electronic toys for what they're meant for. They always do something with them other than what they're intended for, or worse, play with them for five minutes and forget about them. This toy they can keep going back to and we can even flip it inside out and start decorating it all over again when they're done coloring on the outside! I don't have to worry about screen time or any other limits... they can play with it all they want.

It's remarkably sturdy, too, for being made of cardboard. They knock it over and I find them playing in it sideways daily, and so far it's holding up very well to their abuse.

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid anything to write this. Nobody asked me to write it. I found something I really love and wanted to tell you about it!
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