Friday, January 27, 2012

Cake Pops or Cake Nips?

Every Christmas, my family does a gift exchange. This year's theme was "As Seen on TV" products. My take-home prize? The Bake Pop, cake pop-making tray. (Okay, I actually bought it and got my husband to win it.) So... I tried it out recently and - here are the results.

Cake Nips?
My lactating lovelies? (if I dribble white icing...)
Pert Pops?

As I de-nipped them, to make them appropriate to share with my daughter's preschool friends, my husband graciously offered to eat all of the areolas. So thoughtful.

In related news, one of my friends recently posted a picture of a cookie heart she tried to bake, that wound up looking very phallic. Maybe we should go into business, opening up an erotic-themed bakery together...
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