Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Show & Tell: You Pee. I Pee. We Love to Talk About Pee-Pee

Who goes pee-pee on the potty like a big girl?! It feels both like yesterday and eons ago that I was in full-on potty-training mode. Ankle deep in wet underpants and carpet cleaning solution. Next to teaching your kid to drive, teaching a kid to go potty on the potty has got to be the most dreaded of parenting responsibilities.

There were a couple of great finds though that helped make that daunting parenting task a little easier to take though and I'd like to share them with you.

Diapers Are Not Forever. This little gem of a book made it very simple for a young toddler to understand, was encouraging and just great. My daughter LOVED to read it while sitting on her little potty chair. It works for both girls and boys. We had several other potty-training books but this one was, hands-down the BEST. 

The Potette. Have potty, will travel. At $10 you can't go wrong. This little beauty makes it stress-free to take a potty-training toddler anywhere. Sadly, I can testify that it fits in your purse (Note: I'm assuming you're using a mom purse and not a cute going-out clutch). It has little grocery store-style plastic bags with a padded lining inside to soak up all the - eh, you know. Just tie up the bag, toss it and you're off. During the early stages of potty-training we used this constantly - at the park, in public restrooms (my daughter was afraid of the loud flushing noises made by those industrial toilets), in the back of the car... Now that she's been potty-trained for nearly a year, we use it much less frequently but it still comes in handy when we're at a street fair or somewhere that doesn't have a potty (or suitable potty) readily available. Good luck and happy urination!


  1. The "Potette" looks great, thanks for the tip. Looks like they now have a "potette plus" for an extra five bucks that will fold out to become a trainer seat.

  2. Just today I told my 2 year old that she could sit on the toilet like a big girl and go potty, and she said, "No thank you!" :)

  3. Liz, Ha! My almost-2-year-old often says "Clyde poo poo." Me: "Do you want to poo poo on the potty?" him: "poo poo diaper!" If there's anything you can count on with young toddlers it's that they have strong opinions.

    Anne, hope it works out for you. For $10-15 it's been sooo useful for us. It gave me a feeling of freedom during the early stages of potty-trainng.


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