Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Favorite Posts of the Week

We're behind on our reading but we wanted to share some of our favorite posts from other bloggers' last week:

Aiming Low: Spread Too Thin (No, it's not about peanut butter sandwiches gone wrong, it's about how social media can get a little overwhelming at times).

The Dawning of January: Motherhood: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (So relatable)

PhD in Parenting: Playing With One, Playing With Two (Balancing the needs of your kids when you have more than one)

Suburban Kamikaze: Top OPI Nail Colors in Suburbia (A fun laugh)

Perfectly Disheveled: A New, Old Me (Mommy's wardrobe gets a make-over. Okay, this is a little old but we've been dreaming of having someone do this to our closet since we read it, so we had to share).


  1. Thank you! It is an honor to serve time with you...


  2. As a fellow suburbanite, I love your blog (and your blog's title).


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