Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Did We Seriously Just Say That?!

Certain phrases like “because I said so,” and “you get over here, right now, mister,” one fully expects to hear themselves utter (time and time again, most likely) upon entering the moms club. However, we the lifers, have been thinking about the things that have come out of our mouths that we never could have predicted. Seriously, who knew kdis licked so many things. Here are some of our favorite sayings, that we never would have dreamed we’d say.


• Please don't eat your waffle in the bathroom.

• We don't give dirty diapers kisses.

• Please stop poking me with that plastic trident!

Mrs. Lampshade

• Please stop licking my tattoo, it doesn't wipe off.

• Don't lick the garbage can.

• Don't lick the doorknob.

• Please don't lick my face.

• It's pronounced "orange" not "orgy."


• I told you before, I don’t like it when you put my deodorant on the dog.

• I’m going potty right now, do you want to sit on my lap and have me read you a story?

• You can only rub Mommy and Daddy’s ear, no one else’s.

• Let’s not kiss the garbage can, okay?

Today, we’d like to invite all of our bloggy friends to join us in a link-up. What are some of the strangest, most unexpected things you’ve found yourself saying to your kids? This is our first-ever link up, so please join us. It would suck to be left hanging – like we threw a party and no one came. We have a full keg and all of these appetizers, so please join us. If you’re not a blogger, please share some of your gems in the comments section.

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