Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Show & Tell: Mommy's Secret Storage

Because even with a child-safety latch, little hands can do this:

Grabbing things like this:

Then doing things like this:

The second time the mascara was obtained, my then 2-year-old turned a six-foot expanse of wall and the screen of our TV into her own modern art masterpiece. However, I was too irate to take pictures of the resulting damage. Hence, no photographical evidence of the crime scene is available to share on this site.

That's why I recommend getting one of these:

to keep your make-up in.

Tip: Never leave the key in the lockbox lock. Classic rookie mistake. Always remove the key and store it in the farthest corners of your "kiddie-proofed" drawer. Because, trust me on this one, if they can navigate the child-safety-latch with ease, turning that little key presents zero challenge to little hands. In fact, they find it insulting that you'd make it so easy.


  1. Genius! I too have had my walls subjected to make-up modern art at the hands of my toddler. I feel your pain.

  2. Oh, Angela - we have such free-spirited artistic children on our hands, don't we? ;) A friend suggested it and it's been such a sanity-saver. Man, those kids are wily... (Dana)


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