Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Secret Family Behavior

Sex & the City introduced the concept of "secret single behavior." You know, those things you do when no one else is watching? Miranda's was the best - she liked to wear moisturizing gloves while watching infomercials. I've realized that for me, this has now evolved into "secret family behavior." Those kooky things you say and do when it's just you and the kids (and sometimes the hubby).

To make sense of this you first need to know something about me - I'm a talker. Ask any of my elementary school teachers and they'll readily confirm it. "Talks too much in class" was a consistent theme on my report cards growing up. My husband is continually amazed by my ability to talk with my gal pals. "How can you go out for five hours and just talk the whole time?!" he'll ask. Uh, easy.

So, now that I'm home alone with two toddlers, they are the recipients of my stream of consciousness style, near-constant conversation. Since the conversation is largely one-sided, I tend to get a little -- goofy (as an aside, in high school I broke up with a guy because he was so quiet, it made me nervous, which gave me a case of verbal diarrhea and I'd just start blathering on and on and on... ) Where was I? Oh yeah, I talk - a lot.

As we were leaving the house the other day, Clyde called out to the dog "guard house" and I realized that one of my verbal rituals is to explain to the dog that we're leaving and to remind him that it's his job to guard the house while we're gone. This started me thinking of all the other strange, little commentaries I make throughout the course of a day. Telling them they need to wear socks because the only time they should have cold feet is if they're about to marry the wrong person, or singing the "Oh Dry Diapie" song I made up (to the tune of Oh, Susannah). Let's not forget the song that signals it's time for our weekly Costco trip. Oh, and the fact that on the drive home from said Costco trip, I speak in silly voices on behalf of the various purchased items, now rolling around in the back of the car. And there are many other odd phrases, songs, and rituals that accompany our daily routines. Songs and phrases that my kids just assume are a normal part of life.

I realized they have no other points of reference - they don't know this might not be the most normal behavior - that most people's gallons of milk don't express concern over the misbehavior of the bread, or worry that the eggs will jump out of the car when we stop, making a big mess. Will they remember these ritualistic phrases later in life? I also wonder how much longer I have when I can spout these odd sayings before I receive some major eye-rolling from them? I guess for now I should just enjoy the fact that they don't know any better and are happy to go along with my in all of my kooky habits. It also make me wonder what Secret Family Behavior other families have...

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  1. Now I know why we get along so well! I got in trouble constantly in gradeschool and high school for talking in class. My parents nicknamed me "motormouth" when I was 3. We too have lots of wacky family inside-jokes and lore. It's hereditary... I just had to explain two inside jokes between my parents, sister and I to my bewildered husband. I think it's important to let our children know who we really are as people and to let them experience our creativity, so I love it that you sing songs about Costco and dry diapies. I have a song about getting rid of poopies, myself. :-)

  2. What motherhood does to you, I love it! I too have silly songs and chats with my baby!

  3. Oh my goodness, you sound like so much fun! I make up silly songs too which usually gets me the side eye from my kids!

    Came from Let's Bee Friends! :)

  4. Kimberly - Thanks for stopping by! I suspect it's only a matter of time before my goofiness gets me the stink eye, so I best enjoy it now... (Dana)

  5. You sound like a fun Mama and definitely an entertaining one! I wish my Mother was more animated while I was growing up. Goofy and silly is fun to kids.

  6. Bruna - Aah, thanks. Like all moms, I have my great moments, my not so great moments and my I'm a terrible mom moments. For right now, I'm enjoying the chance to be goofy because before I know it, I'll be soo uncool and have to start reining myself in.


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