Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My New Hat

A year ago I got flustered just considering a trip to Walmart.  And a 45 minute drive to the nearest “city” was often forgone for the sake of ease (we lived in middle-of-the-plains Oklahoma).  Then I moved to Europe.  Since our time here is potentially fleeting – only 2 years – it lit a fire.  In just 12 months I have become Traveling Mom (try saying that without adding a announcer’s baritone to your voice).  Now, I could drop everything on a Saturday morning and be in Vienna in about 2 hours.  With a toddler.  If you’d told me that a few years ago I would have called you a liar.  To your face.  Yes, it’s helpful that my daughter is nearly 4.  Diaper bags, stuffed animals, and feeding supplies have been traded up for an iPod Touch (seriously, Mom & Dad, HOW did you live without those?!?!), assorted snacks & a bottled water. 

There have been times I’ve wished my daughter still wore diapers.  In many cities in Europe it is required to wait in line and then pay to use a toilet.  A LOT of these have moving parts.  Try getting a 3 year old to sit on a toilet she just saw rotate and flush without anyone touching it.  It’s a spectacle, I assure you.  But, regardless, we’re diaper-free (woo hoo!) and that’s just one less item to pack.

Being Traveling Mom takes practice – you have to provide the same duties as home, but out of a suitcase.  That’s why the first thing I ALWAYS do is unpack.  Even if it’s just for one night.  Now I have only one child – so I don’t know if that works for everyone – but if I can’t find something immediately I get…cranky.  So my dear husband allows our daughter a few quick test bounces on the bed (yeah, that’s right – call the Hotel Police!) then they find someplace else to be for about 20 minutes.  When they come back, Traveling Mom is happy.  Everybody’s happy.  And when we’re happy we eat gelato. 

So help a fellow Traveling Mom out – what do you do as a parent to facilitate seamless travel?  


  1. I also travel with my tots.. yes the local grocery store is more hassle and I dread those trips, but put us on a plane and we get mobile...

  2. Please make this one a two-parter. I want your best travel tips! Especially how you work nap-time into traveling.

  3. I would say I'm now a traveling mom since we've now flown to and explored Hwaii with a 4 month old


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