Monday, March 7, 2011

(s)Ick Day

(by Dana) Late last week I casually mentioned to a friend that Clyde hadn't ever had the stomach flu. This of course, invoked Murphy's Law and today was a day of the pukes. My poor little guy.

Murphy's Law also ensured that the Pedialyte in the pantry had expired a year ago, so I used gave him some Gatorade (the bright red, fruit punch kind). I'd been thinking that Pedialyte was just one more way for companies to sell the same product but charge twice as much for it by marketing it as a special baby/toddler product. But where Pedialyte truly beats Gatorade is in its lack of food dye. Naturally the Gatorade led to bright red vomit - everywhere.

Aside from feeling awful for him, the brand of indignity involved with caring for a sick toddler is something unto itself. As he was feeling so rotten, I held him all day long (even when I had to use the restroom, yup, perfect timing for him to get sick all over me). He also managed to throw up into my purse at one point. Then, as I was trying to get him to eat something (BRAT diet), he managed to spew the rice he'd just eaten, then pick up one of the individual grains of rice and tried to feed it to me. He seems to be feeling better now and is tucked into bed, where hopefully a good night's rest will help him get over the last of it. Now I'm left wondering what the worst of the indignities I suffered today was. Also, I can't help but think that no matter how unpleasant some of my bosses may have been, none of them actually tried to make me eat thrown up rice...

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